Moringa Energy Bar

Moringa Energy bar is an “salad in a bar” on the market, Moringa Energy Bars provide half a cup of leafy greens deliciously mingled with simple ingredients

It is high in antioxidants, delicious chewy and crunchy Moringa Energy Bar is all set to make your on-the-run breakfast. sweet and healthy!

Health Benefits

Great source of anti-oxidants, iron, calcium and Vitamin A.
Perfect energy bar for the health conscious.
To be stored in a cool and dry place.
No preservative or additives.


Moringa Energy Bar

Product name Moringa Energy Bar
Active ingredients Moringa, Spirulina Alfalfa, Almond Ground nut, Cardamom, Dry ginger, Jaggery
Health benefits Increases protein, Highly nutritional and rich in antioxdidant
Form 20Gram bar(10 pieces per box)
Shelf life 24months
Origin India

Moringa Cookies

Product name Moringa Foxtail millet cookies
Active ingredients Golden foxtail flour, desi cow butter, Natural brown sugar, wheat flour,moringa leaf powder.cardamom
Brand Our brand
Functions Foxtail millet especially is loaded with calcium which is 30 times more than rice
Primary packing 200 Gram pack
Shelf life 36 months
Shipment ways Sea,Air
Origin India

Packing & Loadability

MOQ 5000 pieces
Master Packing Carton packing