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Strawberry Lollipops

The Sugar Lollipop Candy are made from Special refined Sugar and using other optimum quality ingredients that ensure delectable taste. Sugar Lollipop Candy is very popular product among children. Sugar Lollipop Candy is available in normal stick and Whistle Stick. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Confectionery Lollipop at the most affordable prices and hygienically packed.

Packing & Loadability

Weight per Piece No. of pieces per pouch No. of pouch per carton
5gm(WOG) 50 Pieces 20 Pouch
8gm(WOG) 50 Pieces 20 Pouch
10gm(WOG) 50 Pieces 20 Pouch
12gm(WG/WOG) 50 Pieces 20 Pouch
16gm(WG/WOG) 50 Pieces 16 Pouch
18gm(WG/WOG) 50 Pieces 16 Pouch
20gm(WG/WOG) 50 Pieces 16 Pouch
25gm(WG/WOG) 50 Pieces 16 Pouch

Note: WG=With Gum, WOG=Without Gum